Pinewood Derby Approaches

Cub scouts and families, the annual Pack 157 Pinewood derby is this Saturday, February 22nd 2014

Early registration is 9:30-10:30AMpinewood-derby-logo

The Race is 11:00AM-2:00PM

Please arrive on time to register your car, once the registration period ends no more entries will be allowed.

All cars must pass the following inspection to qualify for the race:

  1. Width shall not exceed 2-3/4 inches.
  2. Length shall not exceed 7 inches.
  3. Weight shall not exceed 5 ounces.
  4. Axles, wheels, and body shall be from the materials provided in the kit.
  5. Wheel bearings, washers, and bushings are prohibited.
  6. No lubricating oil may be used. Axles may be lubricated with powdered graphite or silicone.
  7. The car shall not ride on any kind of spring.
  8. The car must be free-wheeling, with no starting devices.
  9. No loose materials of any kind are allowed in the car.