Pack FAQ’s

What is Cub Scouts?
Scouting is a valuable combination of “fun with a purpose”. The boys see fun, but everything in the program supports the aims of Scouting: character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness.

My son wasn’t in Cub Scouts last year, can he join without having completed the previous year?
Scouts are welcome to join at any time of year during grades 1 – 5. Note that the 5th graders graduate to Boy Scouts in March.

When are Pack meetings?
Pack meetings (grades 1-5) are typically one Monday per month, generally from 7:00-8:30 p.m. at The United Presbyterian Church

When are Den meetings?
Den meetings (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos) are every Monday evening at The United Presbyterian Church, unless otherwise instructed by the packs leadership. The meetings typically run from 7:00-8:15 p.m.

When are Special Events?
We do one family campout over the summer usually at D&H Canal Park in conjunction with the Boy Scout Troop. We do several other fun-filled activities throughout the year including mini-golf and bowling. Den and Pack day-time events may be on either weekends, or weekdays, depending on the calendar.

The United Presbyterian Church  charters Pack 157, but I’m not a member there…
Pack 157 welcomes families of all faiths.

Is Cub Scouts a “drop-off” activity?
In general, we hope that you will stay and actively participate. But rules depend on age. The BSA requires that Tiger Cubs (1st graders) have a parent present at all activities. Check with your Child’s den leader to see if they would like your participation or not each meeting.

Can I bring siblings to Scouting events?
Yes! Siblings are always welcome at Den and Pack meetings, however they must be mindful of the den leaders instructions and not be disruptive to the group. When special events have limited seating, siblings are accommodated after Scouts.

My son has some behavior problems, what do I need to do?
You are responsible for the supervision of your children at Cub Scout events. Simply be prepared to step in when asked to help him participate constructively or take him home, if necessary.

We have calendar conflicts, can we still participate?
Yes. Pack 157 offers a highly rich Scouting experience with a fairly full calendar. Few can attend every activity. No activities are mandatory. Note that if your son is unable to attend the Den activities related to rank advancement, he can complete it at home.

How much is Registration? What does it cover?
Each boy pays $115/year in march to Pack157 for registration, pro rated based on the month when he joins.

$33 National fee (effective 12/1/2017)
$36 Hudson Valley Council operation service fee
$12 Insurance fee
$16 Neckerchief, and Slide
The balance ($18) helps pay for badges, awards and meeting expenses.

What do I need to pay for besides registration?
You need to acquire a Cub Scout uniform shirt for your son, as well as the handbook for his rank. Hats are encouraged, but optional. Patch vests, Scout belts, and Scout pants are also great, but are also optional. Trips have a fee, which is the cost to the Pack divided by the number of participants. Some dens require weekly or monthly dues to the den leader for supplies, please speak with your child’s den leader. We do accept “experienced” uniforms, and offer them at no charge for re-use, when available.

How does Pack 157 pay for meeting expenses, special events, etc.?
We participate in a single council-sponsored annual fund-raiser. The Scouts sell Trail’s End Popcorn in September and October. This program greatly benefits the Pack so Scouts are highly encouraged to participate. We also run a few of our own fundraisers throughout the year as needed.

Should I support the Friends of Scouting Campaign?
Donations to the Friends of scouting campaign are highly encouraged, the campaign helps fund both full and partial camper-ships for both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts alike to attend summer camp when their family is unable to pay, as well as many other great programs.

Should I support the United Presbyterian Church?
The Pack and Troop respectively donate time, sweat, and sometimes even a few tears, while  doing service projects around the church. As well as acting as servers at many of the churches dinners throughout the year. If you would like to make a monetary contribution to the church you are more than welcome to do so.

Who runs Pack 157?
Parent volunteers run Pack 157. The Pack Leaders page lists all the adult volunteers and open positions.

How can I help?
First, Cub Scouts is a family centered activity, and so the more you, and  your family participate, the better the experience for your son, his Den and his Pack. Volunteer for one of our many leadership positions.

Updated: October 2017